Reducose decreases glycaemic index of common carbohydrates in Chinese population


18th February, Tianjin, China: Reducose, a patented natural functional ingredient was clinically proven to reduce the glycaemic index of the commonly consumed carbohydrates in clinical studies conducted in healthy Chinese volunteers. The study design was the same as that of the Indian study conducted in 2014 with 12 subjects.

Phynova Group Ltd. conducted the study in healthy Chinese volunteers using four carbohydrates that are a commonly found in foods that have a high glycaemic index namely maltodextrin, sucrose, maltose and glucose. Reducose was shown to significantly reduce the GI of the sugars by 25% – 45%. This indicates considerable benefit for consumers as over consumption of these carbohydrates has been on the rise due to growing trend of fast food globally and are being associated with obesity and type-2 diabetes.

The results support the use of Reducose as a functional food ingredient in foods with high sucrose and high glycaemic index starches in order to make them healthier for consumers.


About Glycaemic Index

The Glycaemic Index ranking system indicates how quickly a carbohydrate food raises blood glucose. Generally, the more processed a food, the higher its Glycaemic Index. Decreasing the GI of the diet may improve insulin sensitivity and reduce the risk for metabolic diseases such as obesity and type-2 diabetes. Eating a lower-GI diet may also decrease the risk for complications in those previously diagnosed with diabetes1.


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