Reducose is a proprietary ingredient for healthy blood glucose levels. It is a water extract of mulberry (Morus alba) leaves, a plant that has a been used for centuries around the world as a food and medicinal plant due to its nutrient profile and health benefits. Reducose has undergone rigorous safety and efficacy testing and it has been shown to be a safe food ingredient that can help modulate  blood glucose spikes and total blood glucose after eating by more than 40%.

It is made using a proprietary manufacturing processing that results in an extract that  preserves the natural iminosugars and has a food friendly sensory profile. Reducose is a free flowing, light brown powder that is water soluble, heat and pH resistant and can easily be incorporated into a wide variety of food and drink products, medical foods and foods for special dietary purposes, or used in dietary supplements.

The active compounds are iminosugars, small molecules that closely resemble monosaccharide sugars (e.g. glucose), but rather than having an oxygen molecule in their ring structure, they have a nitrogen molecule. Six-membered piperidine iminosugars such as 1-deoxynojirimycin (DNJ) are well studied, and as DNJ has the same chemical substitution pattern as glucose, it is able to interact with many of the enzymes in the body that are involved with carbohydrate digestion.

Reducose is not a sugar replacement, but is rather a food modifier that can be added in small quantities to dietary supplements, foods and drinks and mitigates the effect of high glycaemic sugars and carbohydrates on the body. It does this by preventing the digestion of carbohydrates and sugars into glucose. Due to the size of the molecules, carbohydrates and sugars have to be broken down into single molecules to be absorbed into the body – if they aren’t digested they can’t get in. This is an elegant solution to the global problem facing consumers, food manufacturers, and healthcare systems: consumers get foods that taste the same but are healthier, manufacturers do not have to undertake extensive reformulation and replace sugar with multiple E-number additives.