Reducose is proven by science

How it works

The active compounds in Reducose are sugar mimetics called iminosugars. These compounds ‘look’ like glucose and are able to inhibit the enzymes that break carbohydrates into glucose molecules for absorption into the body. As the carbohydrates aren’t digested, the glucose in foods and drinks never enters the body.

Clinical trials

Over a series of clinical studies, Reducose has been proven to lower the glycaemic index of common carbohydrates, to lower blood glucose spikes and total blood glucose after eating foods and drinks containing sugar and/or carbohydrates, and to lower blood insulin levels.

Diabetes prevention

Insulin resistance is the name given when cells don’t respond properly to insulin and is one of the key drivers behind prediabetes and type-2 diabetes. Reducose has been shown to prevent the development of insulin resistance and helps maintain proper functioning of the insulin receptors.

Reducose applications


Reducose can be used in a wide range of foods products. Adding Reducose lowers the glycaemic index of the food and the subsequent glycaemic response


Reducose can be added to drinks containing sugar to lower the impact of sugar in drink on the body, whilst retaining the gold-standard sugar taste

Medical foods

Reducose can be added to foods and drinks designed to meet the specific dietary requirements of diabetic patients. Reducose lowers blood glucose spikes and long-term use may improve insulin sensitivity


Reducose can be used on its own or in combination with other ingredients in dietary supplements to help people maintain healthy blood glucose levels

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